Since our inception, Seattle App Lab has been totally focused on building a strategic and results oriented technology and business consulting company.

Since 2010, we have been consulting our clients to drive digital and business transformation. And we think we’re different. Seattle App Lab is founded on a commitment to customer happiness and pride in craftsmanship. We care about who we work for and the quality of work we deliver, and that shows in the results we produce together. Seattle App Lab, is backed by Leapfrog Technology, Inc

Talented people, working together


Our consultants have built successful startups, and have been leaders at Fortune 500 companies. We are avid learners and use our considerable experience to improve efficiency by investing in the most effective modern productivity practices and tools.

Chris Sprague


Chandika Bhandari


Himal Karmacharya


Chandika is passionate about technology and brings a long history of envisioning, consulting, and shipping different productivity solutions for businesses.


Chandika has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Brigham Young University (BYU).


He spent over 10 years at Microsoft as an engineer and leader before investing and engaging in multiple successful companies. 

Chris has a passion for emerging technology, and solving big problems be they social, healthcare or education.

Chris completed his Bachelor's at Stanford University in Symbolic Systems (HCI) and Computer Science, and then focused on research in AI and EdTech during his masters studies at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Himal led large teams at Motorola as well as enterprise applications and supply chain manufacturing at Oracle.

Himal has extensive experience leading the development and delivery of large enterprise software projects.

He has a bachelors and masters in EECS from MIT, and is known for his eternal optimism and his habit of successfully juggling three things at once.


Ted Clark

Lilian Coutts

Matteo Raviglione

VP - Business Intelligence and


Product Analyst, UX consultant

Chief Process Consultant

Ted is in-charge of data analysis and business insights at Seattle App Lab.

Ted is adept at enabling customers, designing, developing and delivering solutions that allow businesses to take action on their data. Proven abilities to design, manage and develop high value, low touch business intelligence and smart applications. 

Ted is also an expert in Power BI working with various teams at Microsoft as well as providing insights for Sound Transit in Seattle.

Lilian is a product analyst and UX consultant at Seattle App Lab. 

Lilian is passionate about making sure the right UX solution is applied to the right problems. She is relentless in making sure that the end user and business goals are met with clarity and precision.

Matteo joined SAL through internal consulting in both operations and strategy. He developed his distinct consulting skills in his previous job at Swisscom Digital Technology, which he joined after working with a couple of startups.

He holds a Master degree in Management of Technology and Mechanical Engineering from EPFL.